Villa Hestia - Miralbó Urbana

Villa Hestia (Javea)


We started with a smile and received the key of our home with a smile. The whole process of a purchase, build and completion of a house abroad is quite exciting. We experienced this as a very enjoyable period. The collaboration with Miralbo has been pleasant and constructive. The outlines of the project were already set out, but within these outlines there has been enough freedom, from both sides, for the creative process to get to an even better result. This occurred within our financial budget. The final result is worth it! When we go to our house in Javea, we go home!  

Owner of villa HESTIA

Villa Ares - Miralbó Urbana

Villa Ares (Javea)


Living in my villa for 2 years now, I can look back at a quick and good building process, during which a lot of things were possible. My pool for example, moved during the building process from the side of the villa towards the back, where there was more space. One of the most important things for me was that a lot of details were included in the construction costs, like in my case a spa with interior pool and sauna, LED-lighting, floor heating, air conditioning and the design of the garden.

Owner of Villa Ares

Villa Atlas - Miralbó Urbana

Villa Atlas (Javea)


The built of Villa Atlas, realized by architecture and construction company Miralbo!

A year and a half ago we started by buying a plot from Miralbo in Villes del Vent, Javea.

We found a highly motivated contractor who was fortunate having very good staff and having a clear mindset of wanting to deliver (and still) a villa of high quality and an incredible design!

He succeeded; our Villa is called Atlas and one of his biggest projects.  Miralbo now has 20 Villas built or still under development.
He also has multilingual staff that speaks all major languages needed, what makes it possible to let him build a villa without having to worry about anything!

Sometimes new owners only come to visit the construction site every two or three months, to see how things are progressing.

He also now has one of the most modern computer programs to control construction time and costs. When we started he didn’t have this at his disposal, which means that we followed everything by e-mail or by phone. But the result is certainly not less good!

During the stage of the foundation and structure a Swiss company has been there every day to take samples of the concrete to check the quality.

It is also very nice to choose together with him details as tiles, marble and other important things. He also disposes of a sample area where you can find a variety of tiles, which saves a lot of time and irritation. Also 3D images are provided which is very useful, because with these images you can already imagine almost completely what your villa will look like.

We are already living in the villa for quite a few months now and every day we say to each other, what a beautiful house do we have, with all comforts and a fantastic appearance.

Everything works perfectly, air conditioning, floor heating, etc. No comments!


Thank you Juanma and Miralbo!

Villa Pasitea - Miralbó Urbana

Villa Pasitea (Javea)


April 2018 we first visited the location at Monte Olimpo Residential (Javea / Cansalades) and got to know Miralbo. Both the location and the professional approach of Miralbo immediately appealed to us and helped to decide and dare to take the adventure of building a holiday house in Spain, ultimately more than 2,000 km away from our permanent living home .

June 2018 the design of the villa was completed with beautiful 3D drawings and all our wishes were incorporated in the technical drawings.

July / August 2018, building permit has been applied for and all contracts with Miralbo have been signed.

November 2018, the groundwork started on location.

February 2019 the construction of the villa has started.

November 2019 villa Pasithea (Goddess of peace and relaxation) was delivered to us and we could immediately start with the interior decoration of the villa.

From the first introduction to the delivery of the villa in 1.5 years may be called a "Top" performance and to the complete satisfaction of us.

It was a pleasure to work with the team from Miralbo from day one. Their willingness to incorporate our wishes into the design of the house, the good advice for the finishing of the living and sleeping areas, the high quality on construction of both Miralbo employees and the materials used, the layout and construction of the garden with terraces and swimming pool, the final delivery and the aftercare after delivery of the villa we experienced this period very positively and without any worries about the end result.

The end result is above expectations and Miralbo has realized the holiday dream house for us with all comfort, beautiful appearance  and modern architecture where we feel completely at home from the first day.

We cannot thank the Miralbo team enough and wish them many building successes in the future.


Ronald and Rita le Clercq


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