02 Jul

Solar Energy Makes a Come Back in Spain

Solar Energy Makes a Come Back in Spain

With the introduction of the new energy regulation and the end of high 'sun tax', solar power is paving the way for an increase in self-generated energy in Spain. This is a welcomed change for most as we live in an era when the environment and climate change is important to us all, individually and globally.

If the projections are right, 2019 will be a record year for renewable energy in Spain, and solar power in particular, as the country moves closer in line with its European neighbours and towards achieving the EU's energy targets for 2030.

So why choose to ‘go green’ and install solar panels or a fully ‘off grid’ solar system in your property?
In Spain solar panels produce a lot of energy, even in the winter when we get clear sunny days. They do not necessarily need bright sunlight to work. Even on a dull day a solar array will still be providing electricity. With rapidly rising fuel costs the prospect of producing energy which is clean and carbon free is becoming increasingly attractive.

So whilst there is no arguing that solar panels are a great investment for your wallet and the environment, many people still think that they have an unsightly reputation. More than a decade ago, solar panels were perceived as awkward metal structures slapped onto roofs but with recent technological advancements, the units are more powerful, thinner and smaller, and can be installed with minimum visual impact.

Solar panels have come a long way in terms of design and visual appeal. There are products that mimic traditional roofing material and even thin solar films for the ultimate undercover look. You can combine functionality and style with the right help. Here at Miralbó Urbana with our team of professional installers, we can provide several options on how to switch to solar energy while maintaining your home’s façade and help save the planet in the process.

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