30 Nov

Why NOW is a good moment to INVEST in REAL ESTATE in SPAIN

Why NOW is a good moment to INVEST in REAL ESTATE in SPAIN

Real Estate has been and still is the best investment you can make.


During the past months we have been asked by our clients to find good properties for them to buy as soon as possible.

Why this rush to invest in REAL ESTATE?

With the crisis, the stock market collapsed and the bricks seams to be the only safe place to put your money during this 2020. Here are some reasons why:

  • Lower risk: real estate market hasn’t so vulnerable fluctuations as the stock market.
  • Easy financing: today, banks are offering very low interest rates.
  • Tax advantages for investment properties, like 0% VAT for investment construction.
  • Progressive revaluation: Real estate consistently increases in value especially in highly valued areas, such as touristic destinations.
  • A property is a tangible asset: it will always worth something.
  • More options for return on investment: buy to sell, long term or holiday rental, reform and upgrade.


Why in SPAIN?

  • growth of the Spanish economy and services offer: Spanish marked turned more refined and high standard.
  • increase in rental prices, for long term and especially for holiday rentals together with the growth of tourism in Spain
  • invest in a quality of life: this is one of the most important reasons for many, where you combine business and pleasure in the sun.


And particularly on the COSTA BLANCA:

  • Here the profit index from real estate investment is the highest in Spain, up to 11%.
  • Low property prices in comparison to Catalonia, Costa del Sol, Ibiza or Mallorca.
  • Unwavering seasonal renting demand and big demand for property purchase all year round.


Why NOW is the good moment?

This financial crisis in Spain will not continue for long. The recovery will be fast and prices are not going to fall any further. Now is the moment for searching for good opportunities and close the deal. Whether if you are looking for a personal investment for future or a property to sell next year. Now is the moment.

Today more than ever there is no better place to park your money than brick-and-mortar investments you can live in and enjoy.

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